The A-Z of SEO Infographic

SEO Infographic The A-Z of SEO - check out this cool SEO infographic. It's a neat little checklist too. What do you think? While we're not an SEO agency, having optimised copywriting is super important. There needs to be that delicate balance between having serious...

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Do you need a copywriter? Top 10 questions to ask

Do you really need a copywriter? You already know this but your website will be one of the most important marketing tools you’ll ever have. However, most people think that they can just launch a site and get new customers. Ummm not true. There are a few things that...

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Unlike the thigh gap, the pay gap is real – Equal Pay Day

Unlike the thigh gap, the pay gap is real. This year, Equal Pay Day falls on 4 September, marking the additional time from the end of the previous financial year that women must work to earn the same as men. While the day doesn’t call for champagne, it’s a reminder to all of us that the gap still exists and to continue to fight for pay equality.

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